Pictures and coments of our last yoga retreat

I found this retreat to be excellent. It is the first time that I became interested in yoga, and that is because of your guidance and the explanation of the philosophy and also leadership for the poses. I would not change anything about the retreat, it was great. Thank you for everything. Namaste. I am grateful. I especially liked the discussions about missions in life, purpose in life. – Chris

Really liked the philosophy paired with the yoga. It brought a new understanding to what yoga is, why to do it. I loved the chakra workshop, wish I could have seen something of it done – like hands on, but we were only here for so short. Wish it was longer! ! Loved all the aspects, the yoga the mediation, the service, being around your family, bringing your life to it, bringing India here, the astrology. It was very organized. Just your presence brought me happiness because I have been looking for a deeper part of this trip and this definitely brought it for me. Thank you. I would like to say thing you for all your help taking care of me as I have been sick. I appreciate your king touch and going out of your way. your calmness and serenity is so nice to see in the world. Hope our paths will cross again. Hope you can do so much for the other group of Leap Year students. You all are wonderful. I could tell from the first circle we had with you. Beautiful building! Beautiful setting! – Corinne Gay
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Sradhavani Yoga Center in the Sacred Valley

Come, enjoy and participate in the development in our future yoga retreat on the shores of the Vilcanota River in the sacred valley, one hour from the center of Cusco.

Sradhavani Yoga Center en el Valle Sagrado de los Incas

Hare Krishna; Estamos muy contentos de informarle de la inaguracion del nuevo centro de Retiros en el Valle Sagrado, a 50 minutos de la ciudad de Cuzco en Perú.
El Lugar es excelente, se encuentra al lado del río Vilcanota, esta al lado de la carretera que lleva al centro turístico y arqueológico de Pisac, a 5 minutos de una laguna turística y cerca de la famosa montaña Pachatusan (El que sostiene el Universo), goza de un clima ideal para cultivar casi todo tipo de granos, hortalizas, vegetales y frutas.
Esto ha sido para nosotros un evento muy especial ya que aquí se desarrollara la sede del Yoga Inbound en el Perú como sugerencia de nuestro Guru maharaj, Yoga Inbound Retiros y Yoga Monasterio.